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Sophia's Book

Journey to the Spring

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Book Description:

A collection of inspiring stories and unfailingly honest reflections of one woman's journey... Where to find peace and blessing, love and happiness, wisdom and hope during life's darkest moments?

Sophia thinks she has lost hope. Through her journey back from rock bottom, she discovers that happiness is closer than it seems. She learns to draw upon her inner strength to embrace her ordeal and, realizing in the process that a fulfilling life is not determined by one's education, job title, social status, or the outside world, as she once was taught, but rather from within - a peace of mind, health, lasting personal relationships, and passion that drives one's dream.

These are snapshots of her life at different times, written in moments of inspiration on her journey to the spring.

Passages from the book:

  • "40: Beauty", broadcasted in San Francisco Bay Area Chinese radio station on July 16, 2012
  • "Father's Day" and "Daddy, I love You!", broadcasted in San Francisco Bay Area Chinese radio station on June 18, 2012
  • "Daddy's Smile", broadcasted in San Francisco Bay Area Chinese radio station on June 18, 2012


I host book clubs, such as Warrior Club and MBA Club. Each club meets once a month.

  1. The Warrior Club was started in March, 2010, and finished reading its 1st book on May, 2011. The Club continued meeting ever since then and now is studying its 4th book.

  2. MBA Club was started in March, 2011, and is going to finish the last chapter of its 1st book in Nov. 2012. The MBA Club is intended to continue after the 1st book is done.

Club Testimonials

"As a career woman with two young children, my time and energy were running short all the time. With your and the group's support and help, I learned to take better care of myself in all aspects of my life, whether that was staying calm to tackle more challenging tasks at work, proactively supporting my husband to realize his business dreams or stepping back to transfer my daughter to an unconventional school better fitting her growth. I know more about how I work well and what's important to me. Life is good, when I am surrounded by positive friends like you."
- JP, Legal Counsel in High-tech Corporation

"I am grateful to have a safe and trusting environment like the book club for me to openly share and discuss, help and support each other grow. With you and the group's support, I was able to stand up again to pursue a better quality of life my heart desired."
- MM, Broker in Real Estate

"I was stuck in my life for many years. Working with you and people in this group has given me the courage to do things I wouldn't have done otherwise, things I really wanted to do. Thank you again for being so supportive and encouraging. It makes such a difference to address challenges with guidance and resources. What was useful in working with you includes: your very gentle but firm, supportive manner."
- RC, Engineer in High-Tech Corporation

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